Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this / Why should I exchange my fork tokens for Spork?

Perhaps you have decided to stop farming a fork and you would like to exchange what you have earned with something that exists back on the Chia blockchain. For more behind the motivation see the about page.

How do I add SPORK to my Chia light wallet?

In your Chia light wallet, click "Add Token", then Custom and enter the following infomration:

Asset Id: e9afb5ce4f89074cf84a5f3b872055e479c397e5f0acc16e917903b9991479a2

How is the amount of Spork I will receive calculated?

The calculation is based on the fork’s netspace in relation to Chia’s netspace, as well as what the block reward is for that fork. Basically an attempt is made to normalize the amount accross forks.