About SporkSwap

The time between the initial launch of the chia blockchain and the waiting for the official pool protocol to be released was quite exciting! There were new forks popping up seemingly every day, and many people were eager to utilize the plotting and farming skills they had recently acquired. But once the official pool protocol was released, the hype around forks seemed to die down. Some of these forks have emerged with some really cool ideas, and I am excited to see what becomes of them. Others however seemed to have gone by the wayside.

And now with the birth of the Chia Asset Token, having so many forks seems even less practical. Thus the idea of the Spork Token and SporkSwap were born. People may decide to move away from farming some of these forks, but they spent time and resources accumulating those tokens and it may be difficult to just abandon them. So why not exchange those hard-earned fork tokens into something that exists back on the chia blockchain? I hope that spork can provide closure to people who may decide to “pull the plug” on some of their fork endeavors!